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Individuation And Identity

A Happier, Healthier You

Does your life feel lackluster?  Do you feel like you are living in someone else’s image? Does your life seem to be created around values, beliefs, and systems of behavior that don’t feel ‘true’ for you? A huge part of our identity is knowing what makes us unique. Perhaps you had a powerful older sibling, or a family-of-origin that values conformity. These environments make it harder to individuate’ to grow and develop your own values, tastes, and preferences. Perhaps, you did what your parents told you to do as a career, but do not find it fulfilling. 

I am passionate about working with individuals struggling with individuation and identity. It is normal to feel lost, insecure, and afraid when we realize that the ways we have come to be no longer work for us. At the same time, you might notice yourself feeling exhilarated, free, and truly alive. Deep down you might wish to stand your ground and assert your needs and desires in relationship with powerful others. To feel the joy and satisfaction of identifying and accomplishing your goals. 

This may begin with us taking a deep look at your values and interests, temperament, and family of origin. We might then examine how your current situation in the world allows for your expression of self. 

I am here to be your personal cheerleader and coach. It is never easy to change within a system. I can provide you with the skills and tools necessary to maintain connections while coming into your own. Through boundary work and Lets see what your future holds. 


“The value of identity of course is that so often with it comes purpose”

Richard Grant