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Lifestyle Balance

Cultivating Equanimity

In today's hectic world, it can be extremely difficult finding balance between work and play. Being on and shutting off. Respecting the natural ebbs and flows of our body's needs. It also is not unusual that our culture compartmentalizes all the aspects of our being. Workout class is time to move and notice your body. Work is time to use your mind, oftentimes ignoring the needs of the body. We think about spirituality during yoga class at the time of the bow and Namaste, then move back out into the world forgetting our divinity. At the extreme, disordered eating, exercising, are imbalances in nourishing all of who we are. 

In order to nourish all of ourselves, we must first learn to listen inwardly, and to integrate what the various parts of ourselves have to tell us. This is where the help of a trained professional can be invaluable, as deep listening often involves making the unconscious conscious. We can do this together through somatic work, parts work, and dream analysis. Then, oftentimes it is necessary to tweak our behaviors and attitudes so that they serve a greater proportion of who we are.


“Balance is not something you find, it's something you create”

Jana Kingsford