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  • Kaila Fluss

3 things to do right away if you think you might have PMDD

If you think you might have PMDD, then here are 3 practical and easy things you can do right away. Although many women with PMDD end up self-diagnosing, consultation can be an important part of your journey. These tips and tricks can help you save time and energy and prepare you for an appointment with a mental health or medical professional.

1. Get a period tracking app.

Clue, Period Tracker and many other apps are available that alert you to when your period is coming so you can start to notice if there is a pattern to your symptoms, and plan ahead.

2, Start the Daily Rating of Severity of Problems symptom tracker.

The information you collect can be useful for making a diagnosis. In fact, gathering 2 months of data is the standard any mental health or medical provider should follow in making a diagnosis. DSRP is available for download at . The Me V PMDD app is also great to track your symptoms.

3. Talk to older female relatives.

Mom, aunts, older sister – depending on your family members and the type of relationship you have. If you can’t talk to them directly try thinking back to what they were like around their cycle. Did your mom seem to have monthly bouts of “needing space” or blowing up at your dad? If so, that’s valuable information for you and your healthcare provider. 

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