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  • Kaila Fluss

How to get the most out of therapy

In my own therapy, I have learned a few things. One is that there is no such thing as a good client, because therapy is for you. As I began to do more therapy I realized I often went along with exercises etc that the therapist suggested, even if Wasn't really that into it. This was not only a waste of my time and money but it also led us away from the rich content that was alive in the moment - my experience! As I began to stay more true to myself in the client seat, deeper and more meaningful work became available. So instead of being a "good client," I recommend that you focus on being a real client.

This doesn’t necessarily mean you need to be transparent with your therapist about every little thing you are thinking or feeling. What you choose to share or not is up to you. What it means is that you show up for you, and how you are authentically feeling moment-to-moment.

In therapy, we can switch directions, switch focus, switch almost anything at any time. There is no set schedule. We have freedom together. What we do depends on what you bring. You may find that we are going in a direction that feels terribly important and valuable, only to find that 5 minutes in it no longer holds the charge for you that it did. Trust that. Everything that comes up in therapy, as in life, is valuable information.

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